Spicy Cucumber Curry Soup

This hearty and flavourful savoury soup is the perfect way to use up an abundance of cucumbers. Did I mention it’s low calories and only takes less than 20 minutes to make?

Hot or Cold Creamy Cucumber Soup

This soup is so quick and easy to make. It’s also fantastic for using up an abundance of cucumbers and best of all it’s creamy and low in calories at the same time! Sounds too good to be true, eh?

Creamy and Tangy Czech Mushroom & Dill Soup (Kulajda)

Kulajda is a creamy and tangy mushroom, dill and potato soup that is traditional to Southern Czech. The flavour combination of savoury and tangy and highlighting the ingredients of mushrooms and dill are out of this world!

Bobotie with Turmeric Rice

Bobotie is a curried ground beef dish with a thin eggy topping often served over turmeric rice and a fruit chutney. It’s sweet, savoury, hearty, and oh so delicious!


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