Welcome to my new food blog! I’ve got so many recipes to share with you, but it’ll take some time to make it all and get them camera-ready. I’ll be uploading new recipes every few days to weekly, so keep an eye out or subscribe via email or facebook and instagram to get notified when a new post is published! I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. Cheers!

Latest Recipes

Tips, Tricks & Substitutes

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks I always find myself using. I’ll keep updating this page as I find more useful tips for cooking! Substitutions Brown Sugar Light brown sugar: 1 Tbsp molasses + 1 cup white sugar Dark brown sugar: 2 Tbsps molasses + 1 cup white sugar Buttermilk 1 cup milk… Continue reading →

Cheesy Kimchi Pancake

Yum. I love a good kimchi pancake, especially when there’s cheese! These pancakes are very quick and easy to make. They’re slightly crispy on the edges and soft on the inside laced with cheese.… Continue reading →

Flavour Bomb Beef

This dish is a flavour BOMB. The beef tenderloin is marinated in a sweet dark sauce then seared on a hot pan for a caramelized outside and soft melt-in-your-mouth rare beef on the inside. The bold salty flavours of the beef is best paired with the pickled red onions and dipping sauce (also included in this recipe).… Continue reading →

Chicken Lychee Thai Red Curry

This recipe is an homage to the beloved roast duck curry from my favourite Thai restaurant. The creamy coconut milk cooked in the aromatic and slightly spicy red curry paste is everything you’d expect, but the sweetness from the juicy lychees brings this to the next level. I’ve used my homemade Thai red curry paste for this recipe because you just can’t beat fresh curry paste with fresh ingredients. This homemade paste isn’t as red as the canned versions so your curry won’t turn out very red but I promise it will be every bit as flavourful! This recipe is easily customizable and you can put in or take out whatever vegetables you like.… Continue reading →

Radish/Turnip Cake 蘿蔔糕 (Luo Buo Gao/Lo Bak Go)

Om nom nom I love radish cake. I know it originally in Mandarin as ‘luo buo gao’, but whatever name you call it, it’s delicious. The best is when it’s fried until it’s lightly crispy then served with some garlic soy sauce paste and a garlic chilli hot sauce. It’s also really good when stir-fried in XO sauce. … Continue reading →

Taiwanese Breakfast Burger

What makes Taiwanese breakfast burgers different from regular burgers? The construction of the burger is pretty similar: burger bun, lettuce, tomato, ketchup…etc., but the difference is all in the burger patty. These patties are packed with flavour and often made with ground pork or beef with carrots, onion and soy sauce. It kind of reminds me of the filling of a dumpling but with more intensity and grilled. It’s commonly topped wth sweet mayo and a fried egg but stack it how you like!… Continue reading →

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I don’t love deep-frying things at home, but I sure do love spring rolls, especially with a good dipping sauce or tossed in a bùn bowl (Vietnamese vermicelli salad) with a good nuoc mam. Mmmmmm… These classic pork and prawn combo spring rolls are so good but feel free to change up the protein. You can wrap them in traditional spring roll wrappers or rice paper rolls.… Continue reading →

Red Curry Satay Sauce

There are few things in the world better than a good creamy peanut satay sauce and when you pair it with coconut milk and red curry paste? Ohhhh boy. Get your tastebuds ready for a flavour explosion! This recipe uses the homemade red curry chilli paste recipe for a bold and fresh flavour. Depending on how much you make your curry paste, this satay sauce can add a kick! You’re only 5 minutes away from making this delicious red curry satay sauce!… Continue reading →

Green Curry Prawn Toast

These prawn toasts are so easy to make! You can serve it as an appetizer or a snack for a party. They make good use of the homemade Thai green curry paste recipe. The aromatics of the paste really shine through and leaves you with a beautifully fragrant and crunchy sesame prawn toast. Serve it with curry mayo or sriracha mayo!… Continue reading →

Taiwanese Stir-fry Lamb with Water Spinach 炒羊肉 (chǎo yáng ròu)

This recipe is my copycat version of the stir-fry lamb from the Shihlin night market that I miss so much. If you’ve never had stir-fry lamb before, it’s thin-sliced lamb that’s cooked in sa-cha sauce (Chinese bbq sauce) with water spinach and garlic. This dish is smothered in nostalgia for me and transports me back to childhood days when I have it. If I can’t travel to Taiwan in a pandemic, I’m going to bring it to me in the kitchen! … Continue reading →


Tzatziki tzatziki. It’s so simple and so good. This dip is so refreshing with the cucumber, lemon and dill. Our favourite way to eat this is slathered between two burger buns in a beef patty to make a quick Greek burger but its also fantastic on its own as a dip with bread or veggies. This is a make-ahead recipe. It takes less than 10 minutes to whip up this recipe but the full potential of the flavours don’t come out unless it’s had some time to marinate.… Continue reading →

Classic Hummus

A good classic hummus makes me so happy. Something about the classic flavours of the creamy tahini with cumin and chickpeas blended together with that kick of garlic makes it magical. This smooth creamy dip is so so good as a dip with some crackers or veggies and even better smeared in a warm wrap! Best of all, it only takes 10 minutes!… Continue reading →

Brown Butter Thyme Mushrooms

This super easy brown butter mushroom recipe was something I whipped up in the spur of the moment today. Something about thyme and mushrooms just makes a perfect combination and even better when cooked in a beautiful aromatic nutty brown butter.… Continue reading →

Pesto-Crusted Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

Pesto. Panko. Goat cheese. Spinach. Garlic. These are a few of my favourite things and make me salivate just by reading them out loud. The panko with the pesto made a crunchy little crust on top of the breast with gooey melted goat cheese and spinach in the middle of the chicken. The goat cheese mixture keeps the chicken moist while baking and comes out perfectly cooked!… Continue reading →


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